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“Perspectives”, a collaboration between bkONE Productions and Vincent Pujo from Concrete Iris, is a visual exploration of the intersection of personal narratives and societal impositions shown through the individuality of people’s eyes.


Each eye is truly unique (not even twins, clones, or even your own two eyes are the same). Showing just the eye alone creates anonymity and emphasizes the uniqueness of the individual. 


The exhibition celebrates the people involved with bkONE Productions in their diversity and differences. It also invites the viewer to visit and question biases independent of appearances, challenging them to engage in the exploration of imposed identities and the nuances of individuality.


Broken down into two distinct parts, each portrait is designed to provoke introspection and spark dialogue. Part one involves capturing the special quality of each participant's eye—a “window to the soul”—and their individuality, while highlighting boldly how they can be reduced externally or even by themselves to a single word.


Part two delves into the personal narratives that shape our identities. Participants share anonymous accounts of experiences, memories, and emotions that have left an indelible impression on who they are. These narratives, displayed alongside the eye portraits, create a poignant picture of individuality versus identity.


"Perspectives" aims to foster reflections, challenging visitors to reconsider preconceived notions and embrace our singularity.

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