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Some Reviews...

David G  

This hands down was a great experience with an amazing product that is truly unique; my family and I highly recommend.


My eyes just look brown when you look at them. Vincent was able to not only emphasize how unique my eyes truly are,


The photos came out amazing. I would definitely recommend him to anyone interested in having this experience. 


This was such a cool experience & gift for my husband! He loves my eyes & this photo captured it perfectly! 


whole experience was great from start to finish, and Vincent did a great job of explaining everything and had a lot of knowledge about the eye. I have the picture hanging in my room and I can’t help but smile every time I see it! 


The art is absolutely wonderful! My boyfriend is very happy with it. Thank you for the great work! 

Nick & Jewel

We absolutely loved this experience.His work is stunning and we feel lucky to have these pieces in our home now. We would absolutely go to him again. We HIGHLY recommend!!!

Christina G

Such a pleasure to work with Concrete Iris!! 
Simple and easy process for capturing the beauty of the eye!! 
Great experience and everyone should get Iris pictures! 

Christina L

We had an amazing time! I truly felt that this was something completely unique to do. To learn more about our own eyes and how similar we are as partners. It was another level of connection we gained for each other. So thank you so much for giving us this opportunity!


Great experience and loved the finally pictures! Really glad you let us see the photos when they were taken that day so we did not have to wait until they were processed 

Brooke C

The piece is beautiful and it’s great that is comes already framed. 

Pamela C

I LOVE the Photo ... 
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